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You Are Not Alone

When a child shows signs of emotional or behavioral disturbance, it is normal to be worried or feel overwhelmed. At Sullivan Psychiatric Group, we are here to help. We offer holistic treatment for children and adolescents, so that improvements can be seen in all aspects of their lives — in the classroom, in social settings, and in the home.


We offer tailored treatment based on your child’s needs.

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

The first step in treating children and adolescents with psychiatric conditions should be a thorough evaluation by a qualified mental health professional.

Individualized Care

Our evaluation process typically occurs over a few 30-60 minute meetings with you and your child. Input from your child’s teachers, doctors or other mental health professionals can help us see the bigger picture and form a more accurate diagnosis.

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Medication Management

While medication can be effective in stabilizing mood and behavior, it is only one part of a successful treatment plan.

Diligence Is Key

We believe that medication works best when combined with ongoing therapy, and we know that continued monitoring by a physician or nurse practitioner is essential.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an approach that involves therapeutic conversations and interactions with a therapist.

Thorough Approach

Through psychotherapy, your child and family can better understand and resolve problems, modify behavior, and make positive changes to your lives.

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Family Therapy

A child's struggle is a family's struggle.

Working Together

Family therapy brings parents, siblings and other family members, if needed, together to identify problematic patterns of behavior and interactions.

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